Autoviral Review

Autoviral ReviewYou are probably going to be hearing a lot about a new piece of software called ‘Autoviral’ that has just been released.

In a nutshell, this finds ‘viral’ content on the internet (the stuff that is getting a lot of likes, shares, etc) and allows you to post it to your WordPress blog and, if you have them, your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

You can post the content immediately, or have Autoviral drip-feed the posts over a future time period e.g. one post every 3 hours.

In the ‘Discover’ phase, you can find text and image posts from various sources and videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

So far, so nothing particularly new.

However, Autoviral does have a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

For example, you can optionally ‘spin’ text content before you post it.

For the uninitiated, this means automatically changing the wording of a piece of text whilst (hopefully) retaining its legibility so that Google and other search engines ‘see’ it as unique content. (The search engines generally penalise duplicate content in their rankings.)

For this to work, you do have to link Autoviral with a paid spinning service.

As an aside, I did try spinning content a couple of years ago and I rapidly gave up on it.

You basically have to insert alternative words and phrases into the text using special symbols.

I found this very time-consuming and not a little irritating, so I went back to creating original content, which is by far the best way to go if you want to impress the search engines.

As well as spinning, Autoviral will translate text into any of a multitude of different languages.

My foreign language skills mainly involve speaking slowly and loudly, so I have not been able to test this feature.

Autoviral also provides a ‘content gate’ when it comes to videos.

Autoviral ReviewThis is where you require the viewer to take some action before they can view your content.

You can setup a share gate, where people have to share your video on social media, or an optin gate, where people have to provide their email address before proceeding.

The content gate can be set at the start of the video or at any time into the playback.

On the face of it, this has appeal.

However, you have to provide exceptionally good content in your video for it to work.

People are not going to share or give you their email address unless you have ‘pre-sold’ them on the content on the other side of the gate and that content is actually very good.

I am not sure that just slapping a gate on someone else’s video is going to cut the mustard.

(Plus, most people will use a fake email address to get past the gate so, if anything, shares would be more effective.)

You can see Autoviral in action here…

So what do I think of Autoviral?

First, I don’t recommend auto-posting other people’s content to your own blog.

Your blog should be your central marketing ‘hub’ and you should be using it to engage with your audience and to build rapport, loyalty and trust.

In other words, to build the ‘brand’ that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The occasional ‘guest post’ is fine but 90% of the content should be from you.

That leaves us with social media posting.

If you do market on Twitter and Pinterest, Autoviral may be able to help you there.

However, I don’t, so I have not been able to test these options.

(I do wonder how it copes with the maximum length of Tweets.)

Where I am actively engaged is Facebook.

If you manage a lot of Facebook pages, as I do, it is a royal pain in the backside to keep posting them with fresh content.

That would seem to be where Autoviral can help.

OctosuiteHowever, if your primary aim is to manage your Facebook pages, I would recommend an alternative product called ‘Octosuite’ from Luke Maguire.

This launched at the tail end of July and you can read my full review here…

In a nutshell, Octosuite allows you to find the most engaging content on Facebook pages in your niche and then post that content to your own pages according to a schedule you specify.

(It actually does far more than that, see my review for details.)

I have been using it in my business since it launched and I am very impressed.

I have close to 100 Facebook pages in a wide variety of niches, so you can imagine it was taking me an awful lot of time keeping all of them fresh by adding new posts on a regular basis.

With Octosuite, I spend half a day finding good content on Facebook and scheduling it to automatically post to my pages every 6 hours for the following 6 weeks. (You can set up whatever schedule you want.)

Octosuite has done its job quietly and efficiently ever since and without any issues.

It has reduced a task that used to take me up to an hour a day to maybe a couple of hours every month.

Plus, it is posting content that has already ‘gone viral’, so I am getting excellent engagement on my pages, all virtually hands-free.

I recommend Octosuite over Autoviral because it is proven, it does exactly what it says on the tin and you can see that it is going to be around for a long time.

Luke only releases one piece of software every couple of years, because he puts the time and money into developing something that is top-notch and for the long-term.

Plus, there is a large and active Facebook user group which is actively supported by Luke and the Octosuite team and Luke has made numerous tweaks to the software in response to user suggestions.

I can vouch for it because I have been giving it a good pounding in my own business for the last two months and it has never had an issue.

Now, to be fair, Autoviral may also be around for the long term.

However, the marketers behind it do regularly release products, so I am not sure the same level of commitment can be there.

Plus, Autoviral has far less of a ‘quality feel’ to it than Octosuite.

It feels more like a few bits of different software have been stitched together and the whole isn’t quite the sum of its parts.

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