Affiliate Rebirth Review

Affiliate Rebirth ReviewRegular readers will know that I am currently on a quest to find new sources of passive and semi-passive income.

And that’s why I invested in a new course called ‘Affiliate Rebirth’ yesterday.

It comes from marketers Shahnawaz Sadiquee (Shahn for short), Greg Kononenko and Stefan Ciancio, although Shahn is the main architect of the method.

In a nutshell, this is all about creating small product review websites that will rank highly in the Google search results, bringing you a constant stream of free traffic and, hence, income from affiliate commissions.

Once a website is up and ranking, the earnings should come in with minimal additional effort on your part.

In other words, the sort of passive income I am looking for.

The first thing to say is that this is not a ‘new’ method, despite what the sales page may be claiming.

In fact, it is one of the oldest methods for making money online, dating back to the birth of Google and even before that.

In a little more detail, the process goes like this…

(1) Select a profitable niche

(2) Identify the words and phrases people are using in Google to find information about that niche (the ‘keywords’)

(3) Create a website and load it with content about that niche, targeting these keywords

(4) Recommend an affiliate product or products that will appeal to your visitors

(5) Earn commissions on the products people buy after visiting your site

The allure of this method is two-fold…

First, it uses completely free traffic from the search engines, so there are no ongoing costs once the initial setup is complete.

Second, it produces that very desirable passive income.

As I say, this is a very old method and the chances are that you have come across it before.

It fell out of favour a few years ago because Google changed its search algorithm several times, meaning that it was no longer as easy to get these simple review type websites to rank in the search results.

This meant that fewer and fewer marketers used the method…

Which, in turn, massively reduced the potential competition…

Meaning that the method is again viable.

As so often happens in internet marketing, the wheel has turned full circle.

Well, not quite full circle.

Google will no longer rank bare bones websites that have been thrown up to make quick affiliate sales.

But it will readily rank websites that offer real value to visitors.

And that is what Affiliate Rebirth is all about.

(Hence, I guess, the ‘rebirth’ part of the title.)

Before I get into the product in detail, I do know this method works.

I have two websites that are very similar to the ones addressed in the course.

Both have been ranking on the first page of Google for certain keywords (or search terms) for more than three years now and both have been making me a passive income for the same period.

The difference is that Affiliate Rebirth teaches you a systematic method for creating these sites, whilst my approach was much more like a blunt instrument.

So the method works, but what about the training?

The course majors on using the Amazon affiliate program.

The authors say that this is because Amazon has products suitable to almost any niche you can think of and, because it is trusted, more of your visitors will actually buy.

However, there is no reason why you cannot use this method with any affiliate program and product; the process would be exactly the same.

The only monetary cost required to implement the method is that needed to buy a domain name (the ‘address’ of your website) and hosting for your website.

For some reason, the sales page only mentions the domain name cost of around $10 per year.

However, you will need to rent online space to host your website, which is likely to cost you anything up to around $10 a month (depending on the plan).

This is not a big outlay when you consider that you only need the one domain and hosting package, irrespective of how many websites you create using the method.

The training consists of 4 modules, each containing a number of video tutorials, with around 20 videos in total.

The first module is all about niche research.

To make this method work, you need to select a niche that…

(1) Has a problem or problems that need to be solved

(2) Has enough people searching for solutions online

(3) Has people prepared to spend money to get those solutions

(4) Has affiliate programs so you can offer those solutions

(5) Has minimal competition so you can rank a website easily

There is a bit more to it, but those are the ‘headlines’.

The niche research module shows you how to find niches that tick all of those boxes.

It also covers the selection of keywords or ‘search terms’ that you will be trying to rank for with your website.

The second module shows you how to create the type of content for your website that Google (and other search engines, such as Bing) will like, so that it gives you a good ranking in its search results.

The third module covers the practicalities of how to setup your website.

There is sufficient training here, even if you have never created a website before.

The fourth and final module shows you some simple steps you can take to give your website a boost in the search engine results.

Now, as I said, the allure of this method is that it creates passive income.

However, that is not the same as ‘work-free’ income.

You have to put the work in initially in the form of niche research, creating your website and adding content.

So it’s more like work once now and get paid over and over again in the future.

And it’s very important to note that you will not see income overnight.

It takes time for Google to find your website, mull over it and decide if and how it wants to rank it.

Realistically, that process will probably take 2 to 4 weeks, although sometimes it can be a little quicker.

To maximise your chances with Google, you will also need to be adding some additional content to your site during this period (and maybe even for a while afterwards).

So, if you are expecting guaranteed results tomorrow or by next Tuesday, this is not for you.

But that’s pretty much the trade-off you always have to pay for ‘free’ methods.

You pay in time and effort rather than money.

The pay-off is that stream of hands-free income once your site is ranking.

Note that your input may not be quite finished when that happens.

If you want your rankings to ‘stick’ or even improve further, you may need to add some additional content occasionally.

This shows Google that your site is alive and kicking.

It also helps fend off any newcomers into your niche.

Whether – and how much – you need to do this will depend on how competitive the niche is.

Overall, the quality of the training is pretty good.

All of the steps are covered and all of the information you need is provided.

However, I would say that the pace is a little hurried in places and you may need to watch some of the videos more than once to properly absorb the training.

There are also a few places in the course where I thought a downloadable checklist would have helped to reinforce the steps required.

(I also like printed transcripts of video tutorials, but you rarely see these in courses these days.)

Finally, it would have been nice to have seen a single case study used throughout the training so you can see everything implemented in the ‘real world’.

References are made to real life examples, but not a consistent one throughout the course.

That said, there is a useful upsell offered that makes good this deficiency, should you feel the same way as I do on this point.

Affiliate Rebirth UpsellsSpeaking of upsells…

There are three.

The first is a ‘done for you’ package.

This includes 10 ‘validated’ niches, meaning that all of the research described in the training has already been done for you.

Also provided is a list of low-competition keywords you should be targeting with your website, plus a selection of products on Amazon that you could promote in each niche.

The price is $47, but there is also an option for 5 niches instead of 10 at $27.

I would not recommend actually getting into these niches, because a lot of other members are going to be trying to.

However, this upsell could be useful for people who would benefit form seeing more examples of the method in action, over and above those in the main product.

I think 5 should be ample, so I would take that option.

The second upsell is a collection of four case studies of actual niches the authors have gone into and are making money from.

Each case study comes with an analysis of the steps the authors took to identify the niche and keywords to target.

The actual domain names are revealed for two of the four case studies.

(The other two have been withheld, presumably because they are the authors’ best income producers.)

The price is $47 and I believe there is an option to have 2 case studies instead of 4 for the reduced price of $27.

Again, this upsell is going to be of potential use to people who want to see as many examples as possible of the system working in the ‘real world’.

If this is you, I would suggest that the reduced price option should be sufficient.

The third and final upsell for $27 provides additional ‘advanced’ training on how to give a further boost to the ranking of your websites.

This will mainly be of use to people looking to get into more competitive niches where ranking might be more difficult.

The method could also be used to shorten the time it takes to get your website ranked in Google.

At just $27, I think this upsell is well worth considering.

For example, if your website (particularly your first) is not ranking as well or as quickly as you would like, this training gives you the ability to provide it with an extra ‘nudge’ that could make all the difference.

None of these upsells is at all required to implement Affiliate Rebirth.

However, they may be useful to you, depending on your preferred style of learning.

You can get full details of Affiliate Rebirth here…

Affiliate Rebirth BonusThere are also some bonuses to add further value to the offer…

* Bonus 1: Pullii

Pullii is a recent product from Greg and Stefan.

It is a complete training course on how to drive free highly-targeted traffic to any offer or website from Pinterest.

Greg and Stefan have been using this method to attract an average of between 10,000 and 15,000 free visitors every day.

This is an excellent compliment to Affiliate Rebirth because it gives you a way to increase traffic to your affiliate websites, which will both earn you more commissions and increase your rankings in the search engines.

Pullii is currently sold elsewhere for $37.

* Bonus 2: Internet Marketing Graphics Collection

You want to make the websites you build for Affiliate Rebirth to look professional.

This will increase the trust of your visitors and that, in turn, leads to more commissions.

This collection includes more than 650 professionally produced graphics you can use on any website.

It includes arrows, bullets, banners, fonts, headers, icons, calls to action, highlights and much more.

It will be a huge help for you in anything you do online.

The Internet Marketing Graphics Collection currently sells elsewhere for $27.

* Bonus 3: Micro Case Studies Bundle

Greg and Stefan are constantly experimenting and trying new things in their businesses.

Whenever they find something that works, they document the process in a ‘micro case study’.

This bundle includes the very best of these case studies, including strategies and tactics for traffic generation, producing fast profits, minimising the cost of leads, increasing conversion rates and more.

These case studies are battle-tested and can be implemented quickly in your own business to improve your results.

Many of them can be implemented with the Affiliate Rebirth system.

The Micro Case Studies Bundle currently sells elsewhere for $67.

All bonuses will be delivered inside the Member’s Area after your purchase.

Affiliate Rebirth ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

Affiliate Rebirth teaches you a proven method for creating passive – or at least semi-passive – income which is something all of us marketers should be looking for.

As I have indicated, there are a few areas where I think the course could have been improved.

However, this is probably a little demanding of me for a product that is currently available for less than $20 (the price is increasing slowly during the launch).

At that level, this is something I recommend you consider investing in, especially if you recognise the value of building a stream of relatively hands-free income.

It is certainly something I will be building into my own business.

You can get further information and grab your copy here…

And Finally…

Finally, I came across this video on why eating healthily is so hard…

Very funny and very well-observed.

I’m waiting for the revelation that beer is good for you.



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