12-Hour Arbitrage Review

12-Hour Arbitrage ReviewA new product from James Renouf called ’12-Hour Arbitrage’ launched a couple of days ago.

I have to admit that I am in two minds about reviewing James’ products for a couple of reasons…

(1) His sales letters tend to be ‘semi-blind’ i.e. they do not give a lot away about what the product is all about

(2) He doesn’t explicitly offer any form of guarantee with his offers

Not a reassuring combination for me or my subscribers.

That said, I have little doubt that James is a clever marketer.

He is constantly ‘pushing the envelope’ by testing new ways of making money online that nobody else (including me) is talking about.

In other words, he is one of those rare beasts in the marketing world… a true innovator.

As with all innovation, some of his ideas fail to stand the test of time.

But others take off and eventually become ‘mainstream’, after everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

As just one example, James put out a training course back in 2014 that recommended getting into the digital currency Bitcoin because “it is going to be huge”.

(I won’t go into detail here, just Google ‘Bitcoin’ if you want to know more.)

I bought that course and quickly dismissed it because, like almost everyone else, I thought Bitcoin was a passing fad.

Since then, Bitcoin has increased in value 10 times over.

That missed opportunity still makes me wince.

Lesson learned, I keep an open mind every time James releases something new.

I bought 12-Hour Arbitrage and went through it from start to finish.

So what’s it all about?

ArbitrageThe concept is based on a very old (in internet terms) online business model called ‘arbitrage’.

Put simply, arbitrage in this context is where you find a product you can buy at a low price from somewhere and sell it at a higher price somewhere else.

As a simple example, let’s say you can buy a ‘widget’ on Amazon for $100.

You then list the same widget for sale on eBay (say) at $120.

When someone buys the widget on eBay, you collect your $120 and use it to buy the product on Amazon and pocket the difference of $20 (less any selling fees).

You could call this ‘ecommerce’, in the sense that you are buying and selling physical products online.

But it is ecommerce in a very stripped down and simplified form.

It is not about sourcing cheap products from China or selling ‘print on demand’ products, such as T-shirts or mugs.

With arbitrage, you are selling well-known, branded products that people already recognise, want and buy.

That is a big advantage, since you do not have to convince your potential customers of the worth of your product.

They already know what it is and are already looking to buy.

All else being equal, if you are offering the product at a lower price than the competition, you will get the sale.

And there’s the rub.

People have been doing arbitrage for years.

But the level of competition, together with the greater ease with which buyers can do price comparisons, has meant that the margins you can make have been getting smaller and smaller.

In simple terms, the winners are the people who can source products at the lowest prices.

This is where 12-Hour Arbitrage comes in.

In a nutshell, it shows you how to source branded products and then list and sell them on eBay.

Secret SauceThe ‘secret sauce’ is a website where you can get those products at significantly lower prices than other people doing arbitrage can.

That means you can undercut your competition whilst, at the same time, making a higher margin on every sale.

Much as I would like to, I can’t reveal what that website is.

It is at the very heart of the 12-Hour Arbitrage system and disclosing it would not be fair on James or buyers of the product.

However, I have visited and used this website and I can tell you this…

  • The website does exist
  • It is completely legitimate and above board
  • It does allow you to buy branded products at very significant discounts (15% to 25% is very achievable)
  • It gives you access to hundreds of thousands of products across just about every niche you can imagine
  • It is free to use and open to anyone with a bank account or credit card (to pay for products)
  • It is virtually unknown (I had never heard of it) and, even if people do find out about it, they are unlikely to ‘join the dots’ and use it for arbitrage in the way James does
  • As a test, I used it yesterday to buy a well-known product for 20% cheaper than I could find it elsewhere online (I looked)
  • I also ‘price-checked’ 10 other branded products and every one of them is available at significantly lower prices on this site than elsewhere online

In essence this is how the system works…

(1) Find a product that is being sold on eBay

(2) Find the price you can get it for on this ‘secret’ website

(3) Check whether this price allows you to match or undercut the competition on eBay and still make you a worthwhile margin

(4) List the product on eBay

(5) When you make a sale and have been paid by the customer, fulfil the order by buying the product on the ‘secret’ website

(6) Pocket the difference between the price you sold at and the price you paid (less any selling fees)

It is an extremely simple business model that pretty much anyone can do.

The whole research and setup phase can be done and dusted in maybe 30 to 45 minutes per product (less as you get more experienced).

And that’s all you have to do until you make a sale.

You do not do any marketing or advertising because eBay provides the traffic for you.

People are on eBay to buy.

They will be searching for what they want and, all else being equal, they will buy from you if you are offering a keen price.

I like this for the same reason I like the print on demand side business I already run.

It does not take long to list an item for sale.

But that item will then sit there with the potential to make sales for months and even years into the future with no additional effort on your part.

It’s a simple source of semi-passive income.

So far, so good.

How Much Can You MakeBut how much can you make using this method?

Can you bank $70 to $90 per sale, as the sales letter claims?

Yes, I think this is very achievable, if you select higher priced products to list, as the training recommends.

You could make less, although it’s unlikely to be less than $30 to $50 per sale.

And you could even make considerably more.

A couple of hundred dollars per sale is not at all ridiculous.

So I think that the quoted $70 to $90 is a very fair claim.

The total income you will make, of course, is a factor of how many products you list.

It’s therefore down to you as to how much time you can or want to devote to this.

And, yes, you could conceivably make your first sale in the 12 hours suggested in he title.

However, it is also possible that you may not make sales from your very first listing.

But it’s no stretch of the imagination to see one or two sales per day coming in once you have a fair number of listings up.

Even at $70 per sale, that is a very tidy income.

So I believe that 12-Hour Arbitrage is a viable and very attractive business model, even if you have no prior experience in this area and have yet to make regular money online.

But what about the training itself?

I have to be honest and say that this is less impressive.

There are 13 video tutorials, ranging in length from 3 minutes to 25 minutes.

All of the steps are covered.

However, there is an implied assumption that you have sold on eBay before.

If you haven’t, the training on creating an account and setting everything up on eBay may be a little too superficial for you.

That said, this isn’t a major obstacle.

Very good tutorials are available from eBay itself and, if that isn’t sufficient, a simple search on YouTube will give you all of the answers you need.

The training is effectively divided into two parts.

The first covers the ‘free’ method I have described.

The second part is optional and shows you how you can ramp things up by creating your own Shopify online store and driving paid traffic to it.

The training in this second part is also a bit sketchy.

If you have not used Shopify or the paid traffic method that is covered before, you may struggle to implement this strategy without recourse to other training (e.g. from YouTube again).

However, I don’t recommend using a store or paid advertising anyway.

For me, the attraction of this method is its simplicity and the ability to implement it without racking up costs.

I will be doing the ‘free’ method and I strongly suggest you do the same.

(At the very least until you are making significant consistent income and choose to scale things up.)

So the training is far from the best I have seen, but this is not a major issue because the method (at least the ‘free’ one) is so simple to implement.

OK. That’s the main product.

12-Hour Arbitrage UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are two.

The first is ‘Gold Training’ for $67 and gives you…

  • A list of 10 products that James has sold for good profits using the method
  • An alternative place for listing your products
  • An additional source of discounted products
  • Training on scaling up using a particular paid traffic source

The second upsell costs $47 and gives you access to a live webinar which will provide additional training and answer any questions you may have.

There will be a recording for people who cannot attend live.

I have not had access to either of these upsells but I would recommend that you don’t invest in them at this stage.

The basic training covers all you need to implement the system using free traffic.

I believe in keeping things simple, so that is definitely where you want to start.

Only consider taking things further when you are already making consistent income and want to scale things up.

12-Hour Arbitrage ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

12-Hour Arbitrage contains a solid business model that has the very real potential to make you a consistent $50 to $100 a day and, if you are prepared to invest some time up-front, considerably more.

It is also very simple, making it an ideal option for anyone who has little experience of making money online or for anyone who is looking to generate a significant second income with minimal investment in time.

And the asking price is very reasonable.

With more detailed training, especially in the area of Shopify and paid traffic, I believe this product could be sold for $297 or even more.

I am always on the lookout for passive or semi-passive income sources, so I will certainly be using this alongside my existing ecommerce side business.

That’s probably the strongest recommendation I can give it.

One final thought…

You can buy products on this ‘secret’ website for your own personal use.

So, even if you don’t start an arbitrage business, you could easily recoup the cost of 12-Hour Arbitrage with one or two purchases that you would have made anyway.

(I have already done just that.)

And you can continue to make these significant savings into the future.

Looked at that way, you really can’t lose by making an investment in 12-Hour Arbitrage.

You can get the full details and grab your copy here…


Definitely worth a look.



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